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5 most common DIY injuries

Whether you’re a regular Joanna Gaines or currently googling ‘who is Joanna Gaines’ for the first time, injuries can happen during any home project. Here are our most commonly seen DIY-related injuries and how you can avoid them:

1. Lacerations

“Does my cut require stitches?” is a frequent call answered by Indigo staff this time of year. Saws, knives, nails or clippers are often the reason behind the call.

To stop the bleeding, apply direct pressure to the wound using a clean cloth or towel, and head to urgent care to get stitched up. 

Avoid cuts by making sure your tools are properly sharpened, ensuring protective blade shields are in place and wearing heavy-duty work gloves to provide some protection.

2. Back pain

It’s been awhile since you’ve worked those DIY muscles … no wonder you’re sore! But if soreness turns to pain and discomfort, it may be time to be seen.

Avoid back injuries by lifting a reasonable amount of weight at one time, using proper form (Didn’t we all have a PE teacher that yelled “lift with your legs!” at some point?) and allowing plenty of time for breaks during projects.

3. Falls and minor fractures

Injuries from falls are common during home improvement projects. Even relatively minor projects like painting or changing lightbulbs can require a boost from a ladder or stepstool.

Falls can cause strains and  sprains that require an evaluation and X-ray. Minimize risks by positioning yourself on firm, level ground, and always have a spotter.

4. Bug bites

If your project is happening in the great outdoors, beware of insects. Stings from bees and ants or spider bites can be painful.

Look for nesting bugs under eaves, decks or near piles of cardboard (thanks, Amazon). If you have been stung, monitor the bite for signs you need to be seen.

5. Burns

Live wires or large machinery can cause burns. Prevent  minor burns by wearing protective gear during your project.

Also keep a hose, sink or bucket of ice water nearby to minimize the damage if you do get burned. And when working with electricity, be sure to call a professional if you don’t have proper training or experience.

If you’re embracing your inner HGTV star and find yourself with any of these injuries, you may need to leave the set for some medical attention. If it’s a severe injury, be sure to go to the nearest emergency room right away. For all minor injuries, Indigo Health is here for you every day, 8 am to 8 pm.


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