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5 reasons to consider virtual care for your family

Imagine sitting on your couch, snuggled up with your little one – and texting a MultiCare provider about her pink eye.

Imagination, meet MultiCare Virtual Care!

If you’ve never used or considered virtual care, here are five reasons it may be right for you.

1)  Our providers treat many minor illnesses and conditions.
Pink eye, urinary tract infections, spider bites, respiratory and bronchial conditions – there are a host of illnesses we see and treat every day. Virtually. Curious if we treat your ailment? See what we treat

2)  We’re open 24/7 every day, including holidays and weekends.
E-Visits, which involve answering a series of questions online, are available 24/7 for only $25. You can even send a picture to our providers (think skin irritation or bug bite). Most patients are treated in less than 30 minutes and we can even prescribe medication if needed. Or, if you prefer to chat with one of our friendly providers face-to-face via video, you’ll still find us accessible 8 am to 9 pm every day for $99 per visit. 

3)  You can access Virtual Care across the Puget Sound region and across the state.
Camping? Visiting family for the holidays? MultiCare’s Virtual Care service is available from anywhere in Washington, and we’re now offering Virtual Care in Idaho, too.

4)  Traffic jams, accidents and snowmageddon don’t interrupt our service.
Our dedicated providers are always ready to treat you – when you don’t want to fight traffic and even when your car is stuck in a foot of snow.

5)  You may be able to reduce your exposure to other illnesses.
While our urgent cares provide masks, and hand gel and always work to minimize the spread of disease, elderly patients and those with compromised immune systems may be able to further reduce their risk of catching the flu or other seasonal illnesses by doing a virtual visit from the comfort of home.

Learn more about the types of conditions that can be treated with MultiCare Virtual Care and see how it easy it is to get care fast. 


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