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5 tips to stay safe in the garden

Gardening is a fantastic way to soak up some sunshine, breathe in fresh air, and tame those wild weeds. It's perfect for anyone, from seasoned plant whisperers to weekend warriors. Plus, there's something super satisfying about watching your little slice of nature flourish!

Of course, any outdoor activity comes with a few things to keep in mind to stay safe and healthy. Here are some easy tips to make sure your gardening adventures are all sunshine and smiles.

1. Make safety a priority

Follow all instructions and warning labels on chemicals and garden equipment. Use safe, clean tools and toss any damaged ones.

Always keep harmful chemicals, tools, and equipment out of children’s reach. And be sure to wash your hands when you’re done gardening, even if you have been wearing gloves.

2. Listen to your body

Rotate tasks like weeding and pruning to avoid repetitive-motion injuries. And watch your back when lifting heavy objects.

Bend at the knees and hips and rely on your leg muscles. Feeling pain or strain? Take a break.

3. Make sure you’re covered

Wear gloves, a hat, and lightweight clothing that covers your arms and legs to protect from scratches, bugs, sunburn, and plants that could cause an allergic reaction.

Spray on insect repellent for added protection against stings and bites. Certain insects can be disease carriers. Ticks, for example, carry at least a dozen infections, including Lyme Disease. If you do sustain a bite, keep an eye on the affected area to ensure it heals properly.

4. Beat the heat

If you’re working in direct sunlight or during warmer temperatures, be sure to take frequent breaks to hydrate, and rest in the shade to reset your body’s thermostat.

Stop what you’re doing if you notice signs of heat-related illness, including high body temperature, headache, rapid pulse, dizziness, nausea, or confusion.

5. Get a tetanus vaccination

If it’s been more than 10 years since your last tetanus shot, you’re due for a booster. The vaccine will better protect you against infections if you do have a run-in with a rusty pair of pruning shears.

When to visit urgent care

If your garden Zen is interrupted by an injury or other medical issue, visit a  nearby  Indigo Urgent Care clinic. We’re here when you need us, from 8 am to 8 pm every day.

If you get injured on a weekend, there's no need to wait it out until Monday. Our clinicans can take care of minor cuts that need stitches and help treat sprains and strains. 

Book an appointment time online or simply walk in for care. With paperless registration and mobile check-in, we'll get you in and out even faster, so you can get back to the garden again. 


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