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Best Blogs of 2023

We made it through another year! AI made a big splash, interest rates spiked, and COVID-19 made new variants. But through all the hurdles and unknowns, we did our best to stay happy and healthy.

Before we celebrate the new year, we're wanted to share the most visited Indigo blogs from 2023. We hope this information helps bring knowledge and good energy to 2024!

1. Goose eggs and head bumps: What to do when your noggin takes a knock

Most often, goose eggs and other head bumps aren't a cause for concern. But it's important to know when to reach for an ice pack and when to seek medical care.

2. Should you beware the Kraken? What you should know about the new COVID variant

Health experts believe Kraken is the result of the merging of two Omicron variants. This new variant can more easily sneak past the body’s immune system, which makes it highly transmissible.

3. When your spine isn't fine: 9 tips for a thrown-out back

A thrown-out back is a common and painful reality for millions of Americans. And the sharp, sudden and shooting pain in the lower, or lumbar, spine can be caused by anything from an overambitious weight workout to an awkward twist while picking up a toddler’s toy.

4. Morning coughs

We all know that tickly throats and mucus moments can occur any time and any place, but coughing spells often happen first thing in the morning. And they can happen for a variety of reasons.

5. 5 signs you need stitches

While most scrapes and minor cuts can be cleaned, bandaged, and taken care of at home, a deep gash or wound might require professional medical attention to ensure proper healing and reduce the risk of infection.

6. 8 common causes of stomach pain in kids

Stomach pain is common in children and a frequent reason parents bring their child to see a medical provider. The pain can range from a serious problem, such as appendicitis, to a benign problem, such as constipation. Learn how to tell if your child has a serious ailment that needs medical attention and or a passing discomfort.

7. What's the difference between poison ivy and poison oak?

It's important to not only know the differences between poison ivy and poison oak but also how to properly treat the rashes from these plants. The first thing that needs to be determined is if you're seeing the signs of poison ivy or poison oak.

8. Is it normal for a teenager to have a UTI?

Talking with your teen about urinary tract infections may feel awkward, but it's important for them to know what UTIs are, how you get them and — most important — how to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.

9. Is my sore throat strep?

While strep throat is typically a mild infection, it can turn into something worse if you don’t get treatment. Knowing the signs of strep throat can help you avoid serious complications, speed your recovery, and keep those around you from getting sick.

10. When to worry about a sprained ankle

From hikes to weekend soccer games, sprained ankles can happen anywhere. If you believe you sprained your ankle, here are a few things we recommend.

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