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Common causes of abdominal pain in children

When your child has a stomach ache, it's easy to chalk it up to eating too many sweets. However, there are a variety of factors that could be contributing to your child's stomach pain, and it’s important to determine the cause. Before your child experiences tummy trouble, learn about these common causes for abdominal pain so you can get them the right medical treatment.


Gastrointestinal issues

Unfortunately, the stomach ache actually might be caused by too much candy. Gastrointestinal problems are common among children, especially if that child has an allergy or colic. This can result in constipation, blockages and diarrhea. Sometimes, it's simply because the child ate too much. If the food-related problem or gastrointestinal issue doesn't improve within three hours, your child may need medical attention.


Urinary tract infections

If your child's stomach pain doesn't recede after a few hours, it might be a symptom of something more serious. Even though urinary tract infections (UTIs) are typically thought of as an infection among adults, people of any age can suffer the consequences of a UTI. In fact, UTIs account for over 8.1 million visits to doctors and urgent care centers each year. This is fairly common among children who may have trouble practicing proper hygiene.


Symptoms of an untreated UTI can manifest in considerable lower abdominal pain and back pain in some individuals. Other symptoms include difficulty or pain while urinating or blood in the urine. Take your child to an Indigo Health clinic for the proper diagnosis and treatment.



This is a serious health issue that requires an immediate visit to an emergency center. Should your child claim they have pain on the lower-right side of their stomach -- and they are also experiencing a fever, lack of appetite or vomiting -- it could be appendicitis. Appendicitis occurs when the appendix becomes inflamed with infection. It's rare in children under age two, but it can happen at any age.


If you’re unsure about your child’s symptoms and what could be causing their stomach issues, contact your local Indigo Urgent Care. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can schedule an appointment online.


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