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Get back to school with a healthy start

August is quickly slipping away (gasp!), and the first day of school is right around the corner. In the hustle to shop for school supplies and prepare kids for the transition back to a school schedule, it's easy to forget the healthy aspects of their life in school. After all, a healthy child is one who’s ready to learn. In the last couple weeks before the school year begins, follow these tips to set your child on the path for success.

Start healthy habits early

In the weeks leading up to the first day of school, you want to ensure your child has already started working on a basic morning and night routine. Getting your child to bed early and waking them up at a set schedule will help them prepare for the early wake-up times that are yet to come.

Before the school year begins, be sure they start every day by making the bed, eating a healthy breakfast and brushing their teeth. Routines are vital to a child's success. While they might be difficult to start, children with set morning and bedtime routines thrive on the structure you've provided them.

Keep investing in sunscreen 

Even though many people think summer is over by the time school starts up again, this couldn't be further from the truth. Hot days are still ahead, and we want to protect our children's skin with every tool we have. It's estimated that a person can take on sun damage in as little as 15 minutes when exposed to the sun. If your child spends a lot of time in the sunshine on the playground, be sure to apply sunscreen to protect their sensitive skin.

Be ready for minor playground injuries

According to a published study in Pediatrics, playground-related injuries occur more frequently in September when kids are heading back to school. Nearly 80% of playground injuries are caused by falls. Making sure your child is using playground equipment that is right for their age is one step to help them stay safe.

Another hazard to be aware of is accidental strangulation. Before your child heads out the door in the morning, check what your child is wearing. Children should not wear or play with anything that could get caught on equipment and become a strangulation hazard. Leave sweatshirts with drawstrings and long necklaces at home.

Now, if your child twists an ankle running to class or experiences a minor injury on the playground, an Indigo Urgent Care near you can help with a diagnosis and treatment plan to get your child back to feeling better. Onsite X-ray services are available.

Get a sports physical

School sports are a great way for your child to socialize and get added exercise into their day. If you have an athlete who’s excited for the first day of practice, make sure you’ve taken care of their sports physical first.

During the exam, the medical provider will usually:

  • Record your child’s weight and height
  • Check blood pressure and pulse
  • Test vision ability
  • Check the heart, lungs, ears, nose and throat
  • Evaluate strength, flexibility, posture and joints
  • Review your child’s medical history, including past injuries
  • Discuss any medications your child is currently taking

Sports physicals for your middle school or high school student are important because they can help you find out about and deal with health problems that may interfere with your child participating in sports or even their ability to read the board in the classroom.

Managing asthma, for example, can be addressed with a treatment plan for the right dosage so your child can breathe more easily while they run. The exam is also a great time to discuss risk factors that are linked to specific sports and tips on avoiding injuries.

Keep these back-to-school tips in mind for a safe and healthy start to the new school year. By putting these tips into practice, a healthy life at both home and school will help your student thrive.

Walk in or book an online appointment for a sports physical now through August 31 and receive a  discounted rate.


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