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Going on an adventure with Amber Smith, Redmond's newest ARNP-UC

Amber, one of our newest family nurse practitioners, has been making a difference for new customers at our recently opened Indigo Urgent Care in Redmond, Washington. Whether it involves fixing lacerations or providing crutches to customers with minor injuries, she enjoys helping people get back on their feet. Expressing her commitment to a better health care experience, Amber states, "When they need it, I like being able to give our customers a better way to get better."

All the support that Amber and her team receive to deliver top-notch care is one of the reasons why she likes working for Indigo so much. It's about making sure every single person who walks through that door has the best experience ever. And respecting each customer's time is always a priority. No one wants to get hurt or sick, but if it happens, they're right there to help them bounce back and get back to doing what they love ASAP.


Constantly pursuing adventure

During the summer, you’ll find Amber in the mountains. As someone that loves the outdoors, she enjoys long hikes to one of the many alpine lakes in our region. When she’s not hiking in the mountains, she loves traveling to places with warmer water to pursue her other passion, scuba diving. Considering her constant pursuit of adventure, it’s no wonder Amber thrives in her role at Indigo. “You never know what challenges you’ll face each day. It’s rewarding to be able to care for someone, but also support them so they can leave feeling empowered,” Amber said.


Preventing injuries this summer

“While every day is different, in the summer we tend to see a lot of ankle and knee injuries,” Amber said. To prevent injuries on the trail or wherever your summer adventures take you, it’s important to wear proper shoes. “For hikes that take you through steep or rough terrain, wear hiking boots that provide ample ankle support. This will give you the support you need if you encounter any obstacles.” Another way you can help prevent injury out on the trail is by using trekking poles. “Trekking poles can help brace your missteps which will help to prevent knee injuries. Regardless of the precautions you take, injuries can still occur. In these moments, we’re here to help!”


Indigo is here for all of life’s adventures

The next time you get sick or injured, Amber and the rest of the team at Indigo Urgent Care in Redmond can help. Here's what customers are saying about our new Redmond clinic.

"Everyone was super kind and warm. Amber was great and took the time to talk me through everything so I understood. I would recommend this clinic to anyone in the Redmond area."

Our Redmond clinic is located at 15946 Redmond Way. This location will be open every day from 8 am to 8 pm, including holidays. To schedule an appointment simply visit our website, or walk in and we will see you as soon as possible. For more information, call 425-588-2500.

A better way to get better.

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