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Just who should visit an urgent care clinic?

At times in life, you might find yourself constantly on the go. It can be difficult to find time to sit down for a meal, let alone make sure our bodies are healthy and fit. If your life is so busy that you have problems making and keeping doctor appointments, an urgent care clinic may be a better option.

A quick search of "urgent care near me" is likely to turn up multiple locations. For those who prioritize convenience, having access to numerous urgent care locations makes life much easier.

Even though nearly 3 million people visit an urgent care clinic each week, according to the Urgent Care Association of America, it is still a relatively new concept for many. Unless you’re a Gen Z person, most of us were raised with the idea of when you get sick, you go to the doctor.

That's simply not the case anymore. Appointments with a doctor can sometimes be difficult to coordinate with busy schedules that are constantly in flux. Unexpected things happen all the time. Waiting weeks to get seen by a doctor or sitting for hours in a lobby is a pain, and this valuable time could be better spent elsewhere…on you!

But our learned habits can be hard to change even when the value of convenience is right in front of us. The good news for our calendars is that it usually takes just one visit to an urgent care clinic to have this “Aha!” moment and at Indigo, they’ll even hand you a cup of coffee while the concierge checks you in. Really? Yes!

So, just who is doing searches for "urgent care near me"? Many different people are making these searches, but where urgent care really shines is connecting specialized care to our fast-paced lives.

5 reasons an urgent care clinic is right for you

1. You value convenience

When people search for "urgent care near me" it’s really about finding somewhere convenient. They need to be seen quickly and efficiently without sacrificing friendliness or quality of care. People who visit urgent care value attentive medical treatment but don’t want to give up half of their day. Indigo Health offers convenient health care because of its multiple locations and the fact they are able to see people in a timely manner with a one-touch concierge approach.

2. You can't make designated appointments

While Indigo offers the option to book appointments online, it isn't always necessary. Perhaps your lunch break opens up and instead of running errands, you decide to do a quick search for "urgent care near me." It's about time you got that pesky rash that has been lingering checked out. When you’re ready, you can stop by anytime between 8 am and 8 pm and simply walk in for the next available appointment.

3. You have a busy work and family life

Many people work hard to support their families. Perhaps they are working two jobs, so they can send a kid off to college. Whatever the case, for many people, work can consume their daily lives. This makes something as small as finding the time to go to the doctor for a flu shot difficult. An urgent care clinic is great for people to just pop in when they find a free half-hour in their day.

Family schedules can be difficult to juggle, too. If you find yourself with a sick child in the evening or on the weekend, Indigo Health offer convenient hours staying open until 8 p.m. every day.

4. You have a minor injury or ailment

While urgent care clinics treat many different injuries and ailments, they excel at providing care for small bumps, bruises and cuts, and minor ailments like rashes. They can treat sprains, strains and minor fractures, and even perform sports physicals. Urgent care treatment is a quick and convenient option for these non-life-threatening issues.

5. You need immediate treatment

Have you ever called the doctor for the flu and they can't see you until the end of the week? When you're sick, there is nothing minor or small about it. You don't feel well, and you want treatment now. For a number of people, being sick means not working. Not working means not getting paid, and that can feel like a double whammy. At Indigo, people are able to stop in when they want so they can get back to doing what they need to as soon as possible.

Don't let something as small and irritating as a cold or flu go untreated because you can't make it to the doctor right now. Do a search for "urgent care near me" and stop in today at an Indigo near you. It really is that easy!


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