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Love is in the air at Indigo

Meet Brittany Lukenbach, Gig Harbor Indigo medical assistant concierge, and Steven Lukenbach, James Center Indigo medical assistant concierge 

At each Indigo Health, the clinical concierge serves as a first and last impression for our patients. From offering a cheerful “welcome to Indigo,” to coordinating care with your provider, to sending you on your way with everything you need, these customer service superstars are all about providing a positive and memorable experience.

Two Indigo team members in these critical patient care roles are committed to more than outstanding patient care. Brittany and Steven Lukenbach, medical assistant concierges at Gig Harbor Indigo and James Center Indigo, respectively, are also a power couple outside of work.

A shared passion 

It's a match that was made in the California desert town of Twentynine Palms, where Brittany and Steven were neighbors while he was stationed there in the Marine Corps. Before their paths crossed, they'd each already set their sights health care careers. 

“Ever since I was a little girl, my dream was to take care of people,” Brittany said. “I was always interested in science. Health care was a great route for me.” 

For Steven, it was about following in his father's footsteps once he completed his military career. “My dad was a Navy corpsman for 24 years,” he said. “I am so fortunate that I found my passion at such a young age.”

In it together

After moving to Washington state and working for a few years as certified medical assistants, they both eventually found their way to Indigo. The fast-paced urgent care environment and Indigo's warm and friendly approach to patient care were big draws. 

“I love the variety of cases and patients that we get to see every day,” Brittany said. “I always learn something new.”

A self-avowed people person, Steven agrees that the patient interactions are a big job perk. “I enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life,” he said. “Getting to do that every shift makes me feel very lucky.”

For better or worse

Working in health care during the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't been easy but being part of the Indigo team has helped get them through. Brittany and Steven continually find inspiration from the hardworking staff and providers as well as their appreciative patients. 

“The people we work with and work for are the reason we are in this field and enjoy it so much,” Steven said. “We're blessed to be a part of it, evening during the most challenging times.”

“We are so happy we have each other to lean on and encourage,” Brittany said. “Working in the same roles, we experience a lot of the same successes and struggles. Who better to confide in than each other?”

“Communication is everything,” Steven said. “It's so important to talk—and listen—especially after one of us has had rough day.” 

Precious time together

When they aren't greeting, assisting and advocating for patients, Brittany and Steven enjoy time with their young kids, riding motorcycles (when it's warmer), cooking and going on random adventures. Because they work opposite schedules to balance daycare and life more easily, shared time off together is rare. 

“We cherish the one day we both have off,” Brittany said. “As our kiddos get older, we hope to have more days together.”  

This year, that sole day of shared time off won't happen on Valentine's Day. Brittany will be at Indigo Gig Harbor while Steven holds down the fort at home. 

“We hope to have a small, quiet dinner and a movie night at home,” Brittany said. “It will be perfect.”

Inquiring minds want to know: Who does what in this romance?

Who make the best work lunch? Whoever is available to make it! (Thanks, honey.)

Who always makes the after-work plans? After-work plans? LOL. We tend to be homebodies and love to spend our time off at home with our kiddos. (Netflix, anyone?)

Who is the first one up in the morning? Every day is a new adventure. It all depends on who's working, has appointments or playing chauffer for the day. (We got this.)

Who takes the longest to get ready? Brittany. (Worth it.)

Who is most likely to lose their phone? Steven. (It happens.)

Who texts the most? That's a toss-up. We both prefer texting over talking on the phone. (Just checking in to say I ❤️ you.)


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