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Meet Jessica Ecret, radiology technologist

Dreams and career aspirations are often shaped in our formative years -- influenced by unique experiences, family relationships or inspiring mentors. For Jessica, a Montana native, all these defining influences could be found right at home.

“When I was growing up, I lived with pretty much my whole family on the same property. So, I helped take care of my grandma who was sick a lot when I was younger. I really wanted to help people. And my aunt, she was an RN, was always around, so I had that role model and knew I wanted to be in health care.”

Jessica pursued nursing when she started her studies in college, but her career trajectory soon experienced an interesting plot twist. An unexpected interest in X-ray developed once she learned it was an available course option with a promising career path.

Career Passion Soars

Excited by all that she could learn in the specialty, Jessica changed her major without hesitation and dove right into her new studies while also working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at a nursing home facility. Jessica’s first job right out of college was at an urgent care clinic in Idaho and that’s where she found her career passion began to thrive.

“Once I started working in that setting and got to do more than just X-ray, I really enjoyed it. Being able to room patients, do some lab work. I wanted to be more involved with the patient's overall experience and help make a difference in the quality of their care from start to finish.”

Unique Opportunity at Indigo

Variety is abundant in the Indigo concierge model where Jessica has the unique opportunity to check in and guide her patients through their entire visit from the moment they walk in the door. This refreshingly friendly, fast and easy experience for patients is the kind of difference that Jessica was looking to make in her career. Being involved in this one-touch patient experience continues to make each new day interesting for Jessica and different in the scope of care than any other place she's worked. 

“The Indigo experience feels a lot more modern and focused on the patient experience, making sure patients are comfortable and accommodating them the best way we can. We have digital X-ray here. The equipment here is top-notch, and it's exciting to be able to provide that five-star experience for minor illnesses and injuries."

Personal Pursuits

When she’s not working, Jessica is making new roots in the Northwest. She enjoys hiking and bringing along a camera to capture landscape photography. She might even snag a cool rock if she sees one while she’s out and about. A self-professed “rock hound,” Jessica has quite the growing collection from her travels.

“I am a rock hound. Walking along river banks, I pick up every rock that I think I need and take them home. Back home, I had multiple shelves. I have them in little boxes all separated and one day hope to have a full shelf display. Agates are my favorite; anything clear with banding and colors. I love the sparkle; anything shiny.”

Know any good spots in the Northwest where Jessica should hunt for rocks? Post your suggestions in the comments! 


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