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Meet Soni Ahluwalia-Grover, medical assistant

No two career paths into healthcare are the same. For Soni Ahluwalia-Grover, it was the eye-opening experience of having both of her children born prematurely that inspired her to pursue the work of helping others when they need it most.

Soni's story

“Both of my kids were preemies. My son was in the hospital for a month and my daughter for almost two months. When I saw the nurses and doctors helping them, I just wanted to do the same because I went through so much trauma. I knew that I needed to do this for other people.” 

Once her kids were a little older, Soni felt at last that it was time to pursue her dream. At first, she thought that she wanted to be in family practice, so that she could work directly with kids. It was during her school externship, however, that she discovered an unexpected interest in urgent care. The variety of cases she saw in a faster paced environment piqued her interest and she hasn’t looked back.

“I liked the fact that I was seeing all these different things. I liked it better and stuck to it.”

Fast forward 

Today, Soni is very glad that she stuck to urgent care. The pace and team atmosphere at Indigo keeps her motivated and striving to provide friendly, attentive care to every person that walks in.

“We get to help all these people; even people that walk in five minutes before closing and they are so thankful that we’re here to help.”

When Soni isn’t making her teamwork into the dreamwork, she’s thinking about her next dinner and describes her love of food as a personal hobby.

“My husband and I both love to eat. We go to all these different places. Sometimes we drive a few hours away just because we want to try something.” The couple’s taste for good cuisine has already passed down to their kids, who are becoming more adventurous eaters in their own right.

When asked if she could only eat one thing for a month, Soni immediately replied, “Burgers.”

Know a great place for a burger that Soni should try? Post your recommendation in the comments!  

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