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The pains of staying at home and what's sending you to urgent care

By now, we are all feeling the aches and pains of quarantine. A summer without block parties, movies or concerts is unpleasant, to say the least! If you’ve been spending most of your time at home, you may feel some physical pain, too.

Recently, our Indigo Urgent Cares are seeing customers with similar complaints with the same root cause of staying at home.

1. Back and neck pain

For many of us, the transition to working from home was abrupt and unexpected. You may not have had the ideal home office in place. The good news is that you don’t need an elaborate set up for effective ergonomics.

Avoid back and neck pain while working by putting your screen in front of you at a comfortable viewing height. Use a pile of books or a cardboard box to raise your monitor or laptop to a comfortable viewing position straight in front of you.

2. Burns

Spending more time in the kitchen? You’re not alone! Burns from the oven or stove can easily cause  first- or second-degree burns.

The most minor is a first-degree burn and affects the outermost layer of your skin. It will be red, but not blistered. Spot a second-degree burn with blisters and painful touch.

Hot tip: Soak your burn in cold water for at least five minutes, but don’t ice it. You could actually worsen the burn by directly applying it.

3. Common colds

Believe it or not, colds begin to circulate around the region as early as August. If you’re experiencing minor cold symptoms, it’s best to remain at home and avoid spreading any germs to others.

Because cold symptoms can be similar to COVID-19, you may  consider getting tested. Whether it’s a common cold or COVID, call your doctor if symptoms worsen.

4. Minor injuries

These days, we live for a daily brisk walk or family bike ride. Don’t let a  sprained ankle or a cut that needs stitches take that joy away! As you venture into fresh air, be sure to wear proper shoes, stick to marked trails and wear helmets when necessary.

5. Eye problems

From your email inbox all morning to Netflix watchlist all evening, screen time has increased for kids and adults alike. Prevent eye strain and pain by taking frequent breaks, using soothing eye drops and minimizing screen glare.

We're here to help

Eventually, the frustrations of staying at home will pass, so we may as well do our best to enjoy this season pain-free. If any of your aches or ailments get increasingly worse or persistent, it may be time to visit your nearby Indigo Urgent Care. We offer online booking, virtual visits, and walk-ins are welcome.


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