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Meet Patrick Downie, medical assistant concierge

Motivated to care

Daily motivation matters when you’re working in an urgent care environment. It makes for a positive patient experience and encourages teamwork on even the busiest days. For Patrick Downie, his daily motivation as a medical assistant concierge at Point Ruston Indigo Health points back to the start of his career. 

It was Downie’s empathy and a passion for making a difference that steered him to the medical field. “I got my start in health care as a CNA at a memory care facility,” he said. “Working with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients sparked my love for taking care of our community.” The meaningful work experience also paved the way for the next stage of his career at Indigo.

A five-star experience

Downie believes what sets Indigo apart is a dedication to providing attentive care and a positive patient experience for every person who comes through the door.

“We always remember our patients’ names, and that builds a wonderful bond the minute they walk into our clinic,” he said. “The values we uphold as employees and when caring for our patients is why I work here. It’s my goal to deliver five-star service to each person.”

Working through COVID-19

In any career journey, there are going to be curveballs. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a doozy, and Downie has been on the frontlines from the start. Before joining Indigo, he was working in an emergency room as the pandemic unfolded and later traveled with a COVID team to help provide relief in the field. 

“It’s been scary and informative, and it’s challenged me as a health care worker,” Downie said. “I’ve grown a lot in the process.”

During his time at Indigo, he’s continually witnessed the dedication to the well-being of patients and the communities Indigo serves, particularly amid COVID-19. Indigo has strict  guidelines in place to ensure safe appointments when care is needed for minor illnesses and injuries – all while providing the welcoming and friendly atmosphere Indigo is known for.

Coming full circle

We all strive for that “aha” moment that reinforces our passion for our work and brings the career journey full circle. For Downie, it was the day an elderly woman arrived at the Point Ruston Indigo experiencing chest pain.

He ran outside with a wheelchair when he saw she needed help. “I introduced myself and offered reassurance,” he said. “Then I took her straight to an exam room to get her checked in and called for a provider while explaining everything I was doing.”

Results of the patient’s EKG were concerning, and the Indigo staff immediately arranged for transport to the hospital. Dowie stayed with her until they arrived. As she was leaving, she told him he was “a sweet young man who has a love for taking care of older generations.” 

“I’ll always remember that day,” he said. “I do love caring for older people. That’s how my career started, and it’s still true today.”

MA, explorer, foodie

As much as he loves his work and the fast-paced Indigo environment, Downie also enjoys downtime and memory-making with his partner and dog. The three avid explorers take frequent scenic drives around the state and “love” hiking in new places across the U.S. Downie also has a healthy passion for food.

“I’m a huge fan of eating,” he said. “I crave dining at new places, and I’m always open to new and interesting cuisine.”

He doesn’t have to go far from work to get to his favorite spot – Point Ruston’s Wild Fin. “I love the fish tacos,” he said.

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