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Is it time to face the Quarantine 15?

Washingtonians have spent more time than ever at home since the COVID-19 pandemic began. While COVID-19 remains a serious threat, months of baking bread, scrolling through Netflix and wearing sweatpants may also be taking a toll on your health in the form of weight gain.

The “quarantine 15” was a funny phrase last spring, but it’s time to face the scale and find healthy, safe ways to address unnecessary weight gain.

Significant weight gain can negatively impact your long-term physical health, mental health and even your immune system. Here are some new healthy habits to integrate into your quarantine lifestyle.

Get outside

Don’t let rain or snow keep you from getting fresh air and exercise. Outdoor walks and runs are still considered safe and healthy, as long as you maintain a six-foot distance from others and wear a face covering when you are near people from outside your home. At least 30 minutes of daily exercise is a major component to maintaining and losing weight.

Know your stress triggers

From your child’s virtual learning to 24/7 news updates, there could be multiple things warranting stress in your life right now. Try to identify what gives you energy, what takes your energy away, and act accordingly. That may look like pausing news notifications on your phone or cooking a fun dinner recipe with your family.

Avoid fad diets

Although you might be tempted to jump onto the latest dieting bandwagon, you should avoid fad diets to treat weight gain. Diets like these typically impose more restrictions than necessary and sometimes they’re not even that healthy.

Instead, do common-sense things to avoid eating more calories than you need. Start eating more whole foods instead of processed ones and try to cut back on sugar. The trick is to make positive dietary changes without feeling like you’re cheating yourself.

Get care when you need it

Don’t suffer through quarantine, be seen! Minor illnesses and injuries still happen when you’re staying at home. Whether it's a persistent cough, a cut that won't heal or eye problems keeping your web cam off, Indigo Urgent Care is here for you.

Some conditions can be seen through our  24/7 online care. Other conditions need to be seen in person and addressed before they get worse. Our clinics are open from 8 am to 8 pm every day.  Reserve an appointment time or walk in for care.

A better way to get better.

Health care that’s friendly, easy, and centered around you.

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