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Why kids (and adults) should get a sports physical

Humans might not hibernate the same way as bears do, but our bodies certainly change during the winter months. We sleep a little longer, eat a little more than usual, grow a smidge more lethargic and are definitely more prone to skip that morning jog than we would in the middle of July.

Each year when we emerge from winter and our kids start trying out for spring sports and we decide to revisit more rigorous exercise routines, millions of us hurt ourselves. Why? Simply because our bodies aren't used to the physical exertion they haven't seen for several months.

Four out of five urgent care centers provide fracture care for minor injuries, and re-emerging spring exercise activities are a common culprit. A good way to avoid such maladies is the sports physical. Here's why they're smart to get -- for you and your children -- before hitting the track, field, tryouts, spring training or gym after a long season of Netflix and winter chill.

Children need them:

  • Sure, your child might've had a sports physical before the fall sports season, but the rate at which adolescent bodies change is incredible. What might seem like a few months for the fully developed adult body can see exponential growth in developing adolescent bodies. Such growth rates can leave bodies vulnerable where they might not have been before, and a sports physical may preemptively identify these potential physical risks before a sports injury is sustained. Plus, this is often a school requirement before tryouts or spring training even begin.

It doesn’t hurt for adults to get one either:

  • Let's be honest with ourselves, our bodies are not the same as they were in our mid-twenties. As we get older, injuries become easier to get and are often more subtly able to slip under the radar. Being physically active and fully developed doesn't exempt you from injury. A sports physical before getting back into your exercise or sporting schedule may be exactly what you need to avoid an injury down the road. This much we know: Injuries as adults are much more difficult to bounce back from than from when we were younger. Avoid them altogether and schedule a sports physical for yourself.

They're easy to get done:

  • Between your school district and your local urgent care, getting a sports physical is really easy. Most schools offer them for student-athletes, but if that isn't an option, stepping into an urgent care center will do the trick. They're easy to schedule and don't take much time. Do yourself and your children a favor before sports season and get them done.

Whether scheduling sports physicals for the family or you need to patch up bumps and bruises during the budding sports season, Indigo Health has your well-being in mind. Contact us today.


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