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Winter blunderland: 3 avoidable wintertime urgent care visits

Winter will soon be upon us, which means minor health concerns that urgent care facilities see more often than the rest of the year. An estimated 3 million people visit urgent care centers on a weekly basis. That's a lot of sniffles, coughs and bruises.

Winter is rife with accidents and illness. But don't fret, your local Indigo Urgent Care has it under control. Here are a few of the most common injuries and illnesses that accompany old man winter:

Watch your step

Did you know an estimated 25,000 Americans sprain an ankle every day? When there's ice, snow or frost on the ground, taking a nasty fall is much more likely.

Winter slips and falls often end with sprains, bumps, cuts and fractures. Urgent care clinics see these increasingly in the winter, as injuries from the outdoors and indoors (commonly among rambunctious children playing inside) are more prevalent.

Keeping vigilant when conditions are rough is important, but if you've fallen and feel a bump or sprain, we can help. We also offer on-site X-ray at our clinics.

Kitchen nightmares

Family get-togethers and holiday feasts populate this time of year. While the food is great, kitchen injuries are common.

Burns and cuts are most often the case and can be treated quickly. Another kitchen-related urgent care visit is foodborne illness. Be sure all surfaces, utensils, and hands are clean before cooking. When cooking, proper preparation conditions and cooking temperatures are a surefire way to keep foodborne illness out of your holiday dinner plans.

Cold and flu climax

Get your flu shot and wash your hands. The most common urgent care visit during the winter is for the common cold and flu. Fevers, chills, runny nose, abdominal discomfort, vomiting and bodily aches and pains are the telltale signs of these viral infections. Symptoms for both can become severe if neglected.

Flu shots are paramount in avoiding and deterring certain strains of the virus and are seasonally recommended for proper preventive care.

Proper personal hygiene is another important factor in avoiding infection: wash your hands (especially if coughing and sneezing), remain active and dress appropriately for the weather. These simple precautionary measures will help you avoid symptoms that require the attention of an urgent care clinic.

Avoiding getting sick and injured is always the goal. During the winter, it's a bit more difficult.

When illness and injury happen, Indigo is here to patch you up without disrupting your holiday schedule. Stay safe and stay healthy, but if you're feeling off or have an injury you're unsure about, get it treated quickly. Your body will thank you.


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