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Your awkward health questions, answered: Summer edition

It’s summer and we’re all enjoying getting back to the people and activities we love most. Don’t let your slightly embarrassing health concerns get in the way. We’re answering some of the most common questions people say they feel awkward asking a health professional.

1. Why do my feet smell terrible?

Worried people will notice your foot or sandal odors? It’s common for hot weather and excess sweat to cause a bit of a stink.

Try this:

  • Let your shoes air out for a day or two between wearing them.
  • Wash (or even soak) your feet daily with warm, soapy water.
  • If you suspect athlete’s foot, try an over-the-counter treatment. If the problem persists, you can visit Indigo Urgent Care for a prescription-strength medication.

2. Why didn’t antifungal cream help my yeast infection?

If you treated a yeast infection and still feel the burn and itch, you may not have had a yeast infection at all. You may be experiencing a pH imbalance.

Try this:

  • Use a pH-neutral soap.
  • Minimize harsh scrubbing or wiping.
  • See a doctor if you’ve never had a yeast infection before or if you’ve had multiple in the last few months. Yeast infections can be easily misdiagnosed at home and could be signs of something else, such as an  STD.

3. What are the red bumps on the back of my arm?

Don’t fear the tank top! A common rash called keratosis pilaris typically appears on the arms. The good news is that it’s not contagious or worrisome. It’s often caused by a buildup of dead skin cells.

Try this:

  • Gently exfoliate the skin and moisturize regularly.
  • Avoid very hot showers.
  • Visit your neighborhood  Indigo Urgent Care for a prescription topical cream.

4. How soon will STD symptoms appear after exposure?

STD symptoms can show up within a few days or up to a few months after exposure. In fact, some STDs don’t have symptoms at all.

Try this:

  • If you have any symptoms, including painful urination, abnormal discharge, irritation, rash or pain around your genitals, see a doctor right away.
  • Regardless of symptoms, consider getting tested annually, depending on your sexual activity. Indigo has in-house, confidential lab services to test for a variety of infections.

5. How do I know if I have hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins inside the anal canal. Symptoms can include blood during and after bowel movements, itching and pain in the rectal area.

Since these can also be signs of something more serious, it’s important to track your symptoms and see a doctor if you don’t see improvement from at-home treatment.

Try this:

  • Add fiber and more water to your diet.
  • Use over-the-counter ointment to prevent itching.
  • Use gentle stool softeners.

Visit  Indigo Urgent Care to confirm a diagnosis and get a referral to a specialist if needed.

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