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Blogs: Best of 2019

Sharing smart tips and trusted advice on how to manage a variety of illness symptoms or ways to prevent minor injuries is what gets us up in the morning. Why? Nothing makes us happier than helping our patient communities lead their healthiest and most productive lives every day.  

ICYMI (in case you missed it) – check out our most popular posts of 2019. And we can’t wait to bring you even more good reads in the coming year.  

Ingrown toenails – Everything you need to know 
All our toes want for Christmas is a little TLC 
Know how ingrown nails happen, the common symptoms, and how to know when it's time to go to a doctor. 

The right place for the right care: Urgent care vs. emergency room 
When you’re running on Millennial time 
Your child needs immediate care – and your doctor’s office is closed. Where do you go for the care your little one’s needs? Know how to make the choice with confidence.  

Norovirus: How to recognize this stomach bug and stop it from spreading 
The more you know 
This is the kind of public service announcement that never grows old. There’s no better time to understand this illness that can be contracted year-round. #themoreyouknow 

What you need to know about bug bites this summer 
Get the upper hand on summer’s pesky pest 
Learn tips for preventing mosquito bites, the signs of a severe bug bite and when you should head to an urgent care.  

Urgent care or ER? What to know before you go 
Don’t leave it up to rock, paper and scissors  
Know the three key benefits of urgent care clinics you should consider before making that final choice in the event of a minor illness or injury.  

When to see a doctor for a bad cough 
If we had a nickel for every cough 
Dealing with a cough for a few days can be frustrating and unpleasant. Know these facts to help you decide if you need to see a doctor the next time you have a nasty cough. 

What’s the difference between poison ivy and poison oak? 
Mom was right – don’t touch!  
It’s green and it’s growing – it’s a plant! But how do you tell if it’s poisonous? Learn how to spot the difference and save yourself from a painful rash.  

Essential guide for preventing and treating 3 common hiking injuries 
The mountain is calling and you must go + please be safe  
The unplugged feeling of being immersed in nature is what brings many people outdoors for a recreational hike. Learn how to prevent common hiking injuries and what you need to do to treat them should they happen. 


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