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Blogs: Best of 2020

This holiday season, you might be doing your best to forget about 2020. Despite our very unconventional year, we’ve tried our hardest to help you navigate the bumps and pitfalls to keep you at your healthiest.

If you’d like to take a glimpse back, check out our most popular posts of 2020. And as we ring in 2021, we’ll hope for less eventful days ahead—and share even more smart tips and trusted advice for you and your family. 

1. How to spot the signs of strep throat

Just say “ahh”
It’s common, it’s catchy and it hurts like heck. Understanding the symptoms of strep throat and when to seek treatment will save you a lot of pain and worry. 

2. Ear infections: Warning signs and treatment options

Yeowch—that hurts!
Ear infections are a pain, especially for the littlest of kiddos. But ear infections can happen at any age. Know the signs and how to ease the pain.

3. What's the difference between poison ivy and poison oak?

Get back to nature, but not too close
There’s a lot lurking in the great outdoors, including poisonous plants. Knowing what’s what may save you from a painful rash, and a trip to urgent care.

4. Three different types of coughs you should know

Crack the code on coughs
Wet, dry or hacking, there’s nothing fun about a cough, especially when it lingers. Find out how to tell when a cough is just a tickle and when it’s a sign of something more.

5. Allergies, Cold or COVID-19: How to detect the difference

‘Tis the season for… a lot
With so much swirling around out there, it’s not always easy to recognize what’s got you down. Learn how to tell when your symptoms are seasonal, common or something more serious.

6. Why am I wheezing? Understanding common causes

When breathing doesn’t come easy
This year has required a lot of deep breathing. But for many with chronic conditions, allergies or illnesses, it’s not an easy ask. Find out the causes of wheezing and when you should seek medical care.

7. Norovirus: How to recognize this stomach bug and stop it from spreading

This gift should NOT keep on giving
You know it’s a bad sign when something’s dubbed the “winter vomiting bug.” You may not escape this highly viral contagion, but you can keep it from circulating.

8. Bruising basics: What to do when you're black & blue

What’s the color telling you?
From run-ins with the coffee table to tumbles on the ice, we all know the familiar kaleidoscope of colors that comes with a bad bruise. Learn why that happens, and when you might need medical attention.

9. Indigo Urgent Care expands COVID-19 testing

We’re here for you!
With cases on the rise, Indigo Urgent Care expanded testing to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Find out who can be tested and where you need to go.

10. Chug the OJ ... and 5 other things you shouldn't do when you're sick

Put a pin in that hot yoga class
An ice-cold beverage or a sweaty workout might sound appealing, but they could make things much worse when you’re sick with a bug. Learn what to avoid when illness hits.


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